This Teen Gave The Cutest Reason For Wearing A Suit To His Niece’s Birth

What a legend.

18-year-old Grant turned up to hospital to meet his newborn niece in a suit, and explained to his baffled relatives that “first impressions matter.”

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His youngest sister Iris thought Twitter might find that funny, and judging by the amount of love this photo got, she’s right:

Here’s Grant making that vital first impression:

I’m not sure a newborn baby that’s just been ripped out of their mum’s pregnant belly and is just about getting used to breathing would really give a shit about first impressions, but still a pretty legendary move by Grant here. If he puts this much effort into impressing his niece when she’s barely 5 minutes old, just imagine what amazing Christmas/birthday presents she’s got to look forward to in her lifetime.

Well played, Grant – setting the bar high for new uncles everywhere. Unlike this bloke teaching his 3-year-old nephew how to smoke a spliff properly.


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