Unbelievable Video Emerges Of Man Teaching 3 Year Old How To Smoke Fat Spliff (VIDEO)


Straight up child abuse.

A man in North Little Rock, U.S., has been arrested after police got hold of the footage below depicting him handing a spliff to his 3-year-old nephew.

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The video, which made its way online, has been viewed more than 140,000 times on Facebook. It shows the toddler sitting without his seatbelt on in the back seat of a car, smoking a joint that was handed to him by his uncle. The child took multiple drags and even referred to it as “weed.”

Police were investigating 17-year-old Lamel Yancy for an unrelated burglary charge when they stumbled upon the disturbing video on his Facebook page. Sergeant Brian Dedrick from the North Little Rock Police Department said:

The child holds this like someone would be smoking so it makes you think this is not the first time this child has been exposed to this.

Yancy was immediately arrested while the child was taken into custody by DHS before being handed to the care of his grandmother. It is thought that the kid’s mother was in the video footage with Yancy, so it looks like his parents are equally as irresponsible as his uncle.

I just think who in their right minds would hand any sort of mind-altering substance to a kid, let alone a toddler. Just more proof of moron having kids when they’re not even able to look after themselves.

If you’re going to have children while maintaining your weed habit, at least wait until you’ve dropped them off at school before sparking the bifta. It’s the only acceptable way.


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