Teen Couple Laughed About ‘Murdering Somebody’ After Allegedly Killing Girl’s Father (VIDEO)

They actually put this video on YouTube.

A 16-year-old girl and her 18-year-old boyfriend laughed and joked about ‘murdering somebody’ in a YouTube video days after they teamed up to kill the girl’s father.

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As per the NY Post, Sierra Halseth and Aaron Guerrero are accused of killing Halseth’s dad, Daniel Halseth, at his home in Las Vegas in April.

After apparently killing the 45-year-old, the couple tried to dismember his body. Police said they found a bloody chainsaw besides Daniel’s burned body.

Reckon they feel even a tiny bit remorseful about it…?

No doubt they would have been convicted of the murder regardless but still, what is this, amateur hour? Well I suppose so because they’re only 16 and 18 and I’m guessing this is their first murder. Even still killing someone -let alone your own dad – and posting a video on YouTube days later cracking jokes while camping and alluding to a murder is just baffling.

Sierra’s dad’s body was initially discovered on April 9 with his house on fire. Detectives believe the teens set the blaze to try and cover up the murder, and also used a chainsaw and circular saw to try dismember the body.

Here’s Sierra and her dad in presumably happier times…

And Sierra and Aaron awaiting their fates in a Las Vegas court after being arrested on the run in Salt Lake City, Utah…

According to KVVU-TV, Guerrero’s mum told police her son and Sierra dated from June 2020 to December 2020, but their parents tried to keep them apart after they had previously planned on running away. I guess this was enough to turn them into some kind of wannabe Bonnie & Clyde duo? Except they only managed one kill because they weren’t particularly good at it.

The pair face charges including murder, conspiracy to commit murder, arson, credit-card fraud, and robbery, and have yet to enter a plea. Guerrero is looking at a death penalty.

To meet the 26-year-old Russian heiress who masterminded a plot to murder her entire family and claim a £3m inheritance, click HERE. What a psycho.


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