This Teenager Was Kicked Off His Football Team For Being An Absolute Menace On The Pitch

Imagine having to play with this guy every Sunday.

A teenage football player (or “soccer player” as they’re known over there) over in Cleveland has been kicked out of the Ohio soccer league after he ran up a fat catalogue of trolling behaviours on the pitch.

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The North Side Co-Ed Soccer League banned Brian Garruto via an e-mail which listed all the offenses he had accumulated since December.

Brian G

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What do you reckon though — does he deserve to be banished from the league because of them?

Here’s the list:

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Wow, they sure take their U17/U18 football leagues seriously in the States don’t they? Bit harsh on the kid I feel. I mean this league is a total piss-take isn’t it? “3 goal limit per player” — what kind of rule is that? You’d happily smash in 14 goals then fire a fake bow and arrow in the keeper’s face if those are the kind of dumb rules you were dealing with. I guarantee most of the people on the pitch thought this kid was hilarious anyway. He’s hardly going Luis Suarez mode and biting people’s shoulders off is he?

Never mind mate, there’s always beach football – you can score some absolute killer goals on that surface.


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