A Whole Army Of WAGS Have Chosen Sides In The Coleen Rooney Vs Rebekah Vardy Beef (NSFW)

The WAGS are ready for war (NSFW).

The big ‘football’ story this week is all about Coleen Rooney (Wayne Rooney’s wife) accusing Rebekah Vardy (Jamie Vardy’s wife) of being an insider for The Sun and leaking stories about her for years.

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Here’s a reminder of what Coleen shared on Twitter earlier in the week:

And Rebekah’s response:

Looking at Coleen’s detective work it really doesn’t look good for Rebekah especially given her lame response that her account was hacked. Like Rebekah says though, she’s married to a millionaire footballer so why would she bother selling stories to The Sun for money?

Anyway, as per the Daily Mail, Rebekah Vardy has now said that arguing with Coleen is ‘like arguing with a pigeon. You can tell it that you are right and it is wrong, but it’s still going to shit in your hair’, so it looks like this beef is far from over.

Here’s a rundown of all the WAGS who have involved themselves in the Coleen Vs Rebekah beef and who they’ve sided with…

Team Coleen

Danielle Lloyd (was married to Jamie O’Hara and says she’s had ‘similar’ run-ins with Rebekah)

Lizzie Cundy (was married to Jason Cundy)

Toni Duggan (Lioness, English footballer)

Chantelle Heskey (married to Emile Heskey)

Team Rebekah

Nicole McLean (married to Tom Williams)

Um… that’s it. Rebeka’s only WAG ally in this feud is Nicole McLean. Not the strongest squad but hey, the Spartans didn’t do so bad and there was only 300 of them, right?

Speaking of the Rooneys, did you catch Wayne scoring the greatest assist ever in the MLS? Still got some gas in the tank.


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