Insane Teachers Vs Students Royal Rumble Breaks Out In High School (VIDEO)

Imagine being either a student or employee at this school .

One school you definitely don’t want to teach at/send your kids to (on this evidence anyway) is Arlington High School over in Indianapolis.

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This video doing the rounds today shows a fight break out between students and teachers, only the teachers keep it professional and limit themselves with the punishment they’re willing to dish out. They end up getting a few slaps for their troubles though:

Do they even prepare you for these situations with a PGCE? Surely there’s a module on how to restrain a bat shit crazy student so as to stop her kicking the crap out of you on camera. Must really make you second guess your career as a teacher when it actually happens.

To watch a gym teacher lose the plot on a student who isn’t listening to him, click HERE.


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