Check Out These Disturbing Stories Of Teachers’ Interaction With Psychopathic Children

Creepy Kids


Teachers have one of the hardest jobs in the world and don’t usually get too much praise for it either.

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However, one aspect of their job that I’ve never really considered is the fact that some of the children that they teach may grow up to be very bad people or even murderers. That must be pretty hard to deal with.

Now, thanks to our friends over at Reddit, we can fully understand exactly what it’s like to go through this as teachers are sharing the creepy and terrifying stories of when they realised that the kids they were teaching could have the potential to commit terrible crimes. Here are a few of the ‘best’ ones:

Geez. Have a whole new respect for the teaching profession now after hearing some of those stories. Absolutely have no idea how I would deal with any of them really – it would just be so unnerving to have those kinds of conversations with people so young.

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