Teachers Dancing Behind Their Students

hot teacher

Teachers dancing behind their students in acts of revenge. My teachers in school were boring, these ones ain’t.

hot teacher

I dunno about you, but when I was in school there was always that one cool teacher who was down with the kidz. Young and therefore cool, they’re loved by all the kidz who see them as a sort of hero or something. That is until the teacher’s caught shagging a sixth-former on a skiing trip in France and sacked not long after. True story. But I’m not naming names, can’t afford to be sued.

There was also always one MILF teacher who I would have fucked senseless. The other teachers, though, were mainly boring and up their own arses and I didn’t really learn much from them because they were so old and boring and made subjects like maths even more hideous than what they already were. I suppose I’d have been like that as well, mind, if my retirement was coming up. Don’t give a fvck about the kidz and talk a load of bullshit in replace of lessons until I can enjoy my retirement watching smut all day and drinking Guinness.

The MILF teacher/s were special though, weren’t they? They were an essential part of your wanking material when you were in school so they’ll always have a special place in your heart. That is, until you bump into them on a night-out in town and either your taste in women has improved or the years haven’t been good to the MILF. The cracking arse is no more and has been replaced by some turtle-like wobbly shell, the cleavage is nowhere near as good as you remember and the face is like some burnt piece of elephant skin. Gutting. All those times you unsheathed the sword for nothing.

Anyway, enough about shit teachers and MILFS that never were. Some teachers are actually pretty funny and can show they’re not all that boring, just like this lot. They’ve been filmed dancing behind their pupils as the pupils give interviews or whatever. Apparently, it’s their response to a video the pupils uploaded of them dancing behind people in school, but the teachers’ video is much better and much funnier.

At times, I was like WTF, dude, surely you must know someone’s dancing behind you but most of them didn’t actually know, apparently, and were kinda embarrassed that they were punk’d, teacher-style. Well, you’re gonna be much more embarrassed now, lad, the video is on fvcking YouTube.

Here’s the video. Watch it. If only just to see some guy do a paedo-perve at 1.05. And I sort of wish I had teachers like this when I was in school. Fvck the MILFs (not literally).

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