This Teacher Is Suing The 17 Year Old Student That She Had Sex With – And His Mum Too

Plot twist.

Usually if disgraced teachers get caught out having sex with a student, they keep their heads down low and wait for the yobs to stop spray painting abuse on their front door. Obviously 31-year-old Tanya Ramirez does not feel the same shame levels, as she is publicly attempting to sue the student she had sex with along with his mother.

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Tristan Price

The former teacher pleaded guilty to having sex with 17-year-old Tristan Price who attended her school, and even though he was actually of the age of consent in Texas where they both reside, it was still treated as a court matter because sex with a student is just not allowed. She recently pleaded guilty to a second-degree felony charge in exchange for seven years’ probation from her job.

Tanya had a chance to accept this charge and let it lie but in a shock twist, she is now suing the boy and his mum over a sex tape that Tristan (inevitably) circulated around his friendship group. She has accused the boy of “extreme and outrageous” behaviour and invasion of privacy. The ex-teacher is also roping in the boy’s mum, who she says made defamatory statements that she had slept with other students, which is apparently not true.

The whole thing is explained on Dr Phil (of course) below:

Not being funny, but if you are a teacher that has sex with a male student, you need to factor in that this is going to be the most ultimate bragging trophy for years to come. Why would you ever trust that he would keep schtum? Dumbass.

One of the funniest bits about this whole thing is Tristan’s mum’s reaction when Tanya claims the sex tape went viral:

It didn’t go viral. It wasn’t that good.

Ouch. Pretty sure she was slating her son’s bedroom technique there as well. Kinda gross she even watched a video of her son banging her teacher as well to be honest.

Anyway, there’s no conclusion yet as to whether she will win the case or not – we’ll just have to wait and see. You can sort of see both sides of the argument but all in all, having sex with a student is just a terrible idea. You could be made an example of and get thirty years in the slammer.


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