Teacher Goes Viral For Awkward Sex Education Lesson While Wearing Uterus Shirt (VIDEO)

TMI, miss.

I don’t really remember the sex education lessons we had at my school but I’m pretty sure they were nowhere near as informative and in-depth as the sex education classes conducted by Florida teacher Kelly Grove.

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This is Kelly Grove or Mrs. Grove to her students:

I’m pretty sure our teacher wasn’t wearing a top covered in uteruses during those classes either, but nonetheless that was the outfit of choice for Mrs. Grove when she dropped some NSFW knowledge in class this week. Helpfully captured by one of her students with viral dreams in mind:

Welp – there’s more:

Not sure about anyone else but I am truly humbled now I realise how little I really knew about sex before watching Kelly Grove’s sex education masterclass. Did you catch that bit about women having orgasms 93% of the time they have sex with other women Vs only 11% of the time with men? I have no idea if that’s true but Kelly Grove seems pretty convinced.

Anyway, I think on this evidence it’s fair to say that Kelly is a grade A freak in the sheets with probably an entire closet full of sex toys. Wonder if she’s got any of the cheapo ones from Poundland?


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