School Teacher Quits After Website Exposes Her As ‘School Girl Porn Star’


Extracurricular activity.

A schoolteacher in Russia has been forced to quit her job after she was exposed as a hardcore porn star who specialised in schoolgirl-themed films.

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Pupils and colleagues were shocked to find out Svetlana Topol had been moonlighting as an adult film star, as she was considered a modest woman who never wore much make up or slutty clothes. It’s always the quiet ones isn’t it?


The 27-year-old had been working at one of the most prestigious schools in St Petersburg since 2010, when recently her secret was found out. Links to her porn films were emailed anonymously to every pupil and member of staff at school. I bet everyone was completely losing their shit.

Local Russian media reported that the tutor specialises in playing schoolgirls and students in her roles under pseudonyms including Ariel, Mod and Christie, which just makes the whole thing that little bit more sordid.

Porn director Jack Bob said:

I know people who have worked with her and, oh my, she is a real bad teacher.

She does the kind of stunts many actresses fail to perform. She can do both traditional and alternative ways. She is very popular among the viewers.


Sounds like a right kinky bitch. Apparently Topol had been making the movies in countries such as Hungary and the Czech Republic where actresses earn ten times more than what they would in Russia. She must’ve been rolling in it.

Topol handed her resignation in within 24 hours of the scandal breaking out. I’m not surprised – that must’ve been incredibly embarrassing for her. People on social media have been giving mixed comments on the story. Some reckon that she is an adult and so should be allowed to do what she wants in her free time, while others think it’s completely outrageous that a teacher had been working as an adult film star on the side. I’m with the former, obviously. Each to their own and all that. Although I will say she probably shouldn’t have chosen to specialise in the whole schoolgirl theme – that’s pushing it a little too far.

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