This Teacher Offered Students Good Grades In Exchange For Sex


Sounds like a fair deal.

When you’re younger, having sex with the hot teacher is probably every schoolboy’s fantasy – even though it could have long term damaging effects – but I don’t think anyone has ever considered the possibility that you may have been able to shag your teacher in return for good grades.

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That sounds like one hell of an offer but it was actually taken up a notch even further by 40 year old Yokasta M. from Medellin, Colombia, who actually threatened to fail her pupils if they refused to sleep with her. Talk about strict teaching.

Yokasta was exposed when one of her victim’s father saw pictures of her on his phone and then spilled the beans to him about what was happening. Apparently she approached the students via social media and Whatsapp and offered them help with their studies before sending them a bunch of illicit pictures and offering them sex in exchange for good grades.

Here’s a video of her acting all slutty to get them turned on:

Sounds like kinda a good deal for me except for the fact that Yokasta isn’t that hot and probably mentally unstable. She’s now been arrested and faces up to 40 years in prison for her crimes. Her husband is also divorcing her, which is probably the least surprising part of this story. What an absolute chump.

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