Teacher Suspended After Washing Student’s Mouth Out With Hand Sanitiser

New spin on an old school classic.

Washing an unruly child’s mouth out with soap was a popular form of discipline back in the day, and now one teacher in West Palm Beach, Florida, has brought it back with a 2020 spin – by using… hand sanitiser.

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Science teacher Guyette Duhart told the student who wouldn’t stop talking, “You need to have your mouth washed with soap”, before grabbing the bottle of hand sanitiser and pumping it into the student’s mouth.

Naturally the internet is split on Mrs Duhart’s old school methods, with half the people wanting to see her fired and jailed:

And the other half really impressed by the way she handled the situation and pleased to see classic 1950s disciplinary practices back in classrooms:

Polo Park Middle School have decided on their own punishment for the teacher and it turns out she’s being suspended for 10 days without pay, which is pretty tame really. Duhart had admitted sticking the hand sanitiser into the student’s mouth but said he pumped it himself, although ‘several students’ are backing up the victim’s side of events.

Kid was probably being an annoying little shit to be fair. So all in all not a bad result for the teacher considering others schools would probably fire you immediately for something like this.

For the first grade teacher who tried to buy an 8-ball of meth while teaching class, click HERE. A little hand sanitiser doesn’t seem so bad now does it?

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