Teacher Forgets To Turn Projector Off While Searching For Lingerie In Front Of Class

Teacher lingerie

Rookie mistake.

This maths lesson took a bit of an embarrassing turn recently when the teacher started searching for lingerie before remembering to turn off his projector. While he looks completely nonchalant and immersed in his work, what he doesn’t realise is that his students can see (and film) him clicking through a selection of sexy underwear.

The video was posted recently by Reddit user ‘D3Gamma’ who said:

He never found out. After this class ended he switched to the next class’ assignments.

So he doesn’t know that it wasn’t turned off or ‘Frozen on a screen.’

Well if he didn’t know then, he certainly does now seeing as it has gone viral. Check it out:

Question here is — who was it for? Was he just looking for a gift for his wife? Or was it for a bit of sexual gratification? If it was the latter then he should thank his lucky stars that it wasn’t anything more hardcore.

Could’ve been showing something much worse, like this Zurich professor who accidently projected X-rated porn on his screen. Oops.


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