Teacher Disciplined After Punching Student Who Said He Had A Paedophile Moustache

Gotta control yourself.

I’m not really sure why anyone in this day and age would grow a moustache in the style that is commonly associated with paedophiles – you know the ones I’m talking about – but if you do have the gall to do it then I think you’ve gotta be ready to face the fact that you’re gonna get dissed about at least once a day for the rest of your life.

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Sadly, an unnamed teacher over in New Zealand couldn’t control his anger when a 13 year old student said he looked like a paedo because of his moustache and ended up assaulting him. The teacher had been playing in a rugby match when the student made a dig about his facial hair, which led to the teacher punching him in the face and telling him that he wasn’t laughing now.

Normally I would say he done told him there, but you can’t really be going around acting like that when you’re a teacher having some beef with a 13 year old can you? This is exactly what his employment tribunal had to say about the matter too:

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Punching a child’s head is a very serious matter.

[His] behaviour was totally unacceptable and set a very poor example to the student, not to mention that it could have had some very serious physical consequences for the boy.

The teacher said that he was frustrated and upset about being labelled a paedophile – which is fair enough really – but like I said earlier, you’ve really gotta learn to control your emotions in these situations. Can’t be going around lamping kids, even if they are calling you a paedo. Maybe just get rid of the moustache to avoid it even being a problem in the first place?

The Tribunal found that the teacher’s actions constituted ‘serious misconduct’, so I’m guessing he ended up losing his job or something as a result of them.


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