Watch This Teacher Absolutely Beat The Crap Out Of A Student During Music Class


School of hard knocks.

I remember back in school there were some times when you thought that the teacher was going to snap but the worst they would ever do was shout at you a bunch or send you to the headmaster or out to lunch early.

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They would never react like Mr Riley from the Maywood Academy high school. Mr Riley was getting into a dispute with a kid about what he was wearing as it violated the dress code and was then subjected to a whole bunch of racial slurs, eventually causing him to snap and absolutely pummel the kid like they were fighting in a UFC match. Absolute scenes:

Normally, you would expect the majority of people to side with the kid in these situations, but a whole bunch of people have come out in support of Mr Riley and state that he shouldn’t be subjected to language like that when he’s simply trying to teach these kids music. Even some of his students are on his side as you can see in the news report below, which also claims that over $11,000 has also been raised for Mr Riley’s GoFundMe page to help with his legal fees:

Wow. Literally can’t believe that people are reacting that way and I think it’s kind of refreshing that everyone just isn’t siding with the kid. Sure, he’s a kid and Mr Riley shouldn’t be beating him up like that, but he’s also a punk ass racist kid who got what’s coming to him. I’m all for Mr Riley teaching him a lesson – just hope it doesn’t ruin his whole entire life. Go Mr Riley.

EDIT – Mr Riley’s GoFundMe has now raised him a whopping $171,000. That’s awesome.

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