Student And Teacher Beat The Shit Out Of Each Other In Hallway Punch-Up (VIDEO)

Being a teacher in 2016 is the absolute worst.

A Philadelphia teacher at Lincoln High School is under investigation after this video showed up online showing him full-on fighting one of his teenage students in the school hallway.

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From 6ABC:

According to a law enforcement source, the student was late to class.  The student and the teacher argued. Then they say the teacher was assaulted.  The teacher tried to call security from his classroom. It didn’t work. He then went to neighbouring classroom and was again confronted in the hallway.  ‘So he pushed him and [the teacher] pushed him back and then the kid just swung on him,’ student Austin Augustine said.

They do seem quite evenly matched to be fair:

The sad thing is that while the story reads that the student kept instigating the fight, even after the teacher tried to leave the classroom, all anyone’s going to remember is that this teacher actually squared up and went toe-to-toe with his student. As an adult, could he have tried a bit harder to avoid the fight? Probably. But there’s only so much a man can take. The guy snapped and wanted to teach this young punk a lesson.

Poor teachers – you just can’t win these days, even when you’re trying to break up a fight.


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