Taylor Swift Just Shut Down Calvin Harris Breakup Rumours By Favouriting This Tweet


A new twist in Happy Ending Gate.

Yesterday it was widely reported that Taylor Swift had split up with her current beau Calvin Harris because he had allegedly visited a dodgy massage parlour where he had received a happy ending.

Obviously the internet got super excited about this, but it turns out that it’s probably less than true and everyone who thought that Taylor Swift’s new song was going to be called ‘Happy Ending’ is going to be bitterly disappointed as she’s moved quickly to deflect the rumours. It all came down to the following tweet sent by Harris shortly after the pictures were plastered all over the internet:

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Taylor shortly favourited this one just after it was posted, which suggested that the two were in contact prior to Harris tweeting it to achieve maximum impact. It seems like they’re already back together and the whole thing was a misunderstanding, although it obviously does beg the question of just what Harris was doing in a massage parlour famous for its happy endings.

I mean of course there is the possibility that his regular masseuse wasn’t available and he really needed that kink in his back sorted out, but the fact that he went to some a cheap and trashy masseuse that was actually famed for jerking people off probably isn’t working in his favour. Still, he seems to have worked it out with Taylor and that’s the main thing for both of them right? Unfortunately it makes it a whole lot less fun for the rest of us.

However, a story that everyone definitely did enjoy was when these FBI agents got involved in a sex scandal.


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