Taylor Swift RIPS Into Scooter Braun In Open Letter After He Sells Her Masters For $300M+

Taylor Swift has been well and truly screwed over.

Long story short, Taylor Swift has been embroiled in long, drawn out, public battle with record executive Scooter Braun for years now trying to regain control of her masters. She’s called him a “bully” and last year said he was “the definition of toxic male privilege in our industry”.

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Well this week he’s completely fucked her over by selling her old masters – everything from her 2006 self-titled debut to 2017’s “Reputation” album – for over $300m to an investment firm.

Not only that, he refused to let Taylor Swift even enter the bidding race to buy her own masters and didn’t even let her know that he had sold them. Not a text message, not a courtesy call, nothing!

Naturally, Taylor Swift is pissed:

On the one hand, business is business and at the end of the day Taylor Swift entered a contract signing away her masters all those years back and you can’t just bitch and moan your way out of it 15 years later. Was it a terrible contract in hindsight? Yup, but she signed on the dotted line and that’s that. You live and you learn.

On the other hand, I don’t understand why Scooter Braun didn’t at least let her bid on her own creations or give her a heads up that he was about to sell them on. Instead he tried to make her sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement where she had to promise to never say anything bad about him ever again, which is some seriously snakey, thin-skinned bullshit. This Scooter Braun guy sounds like an utter dick to be fair.

Taylor seems to have a plan though – and that involves re-recording her first 5 albums starting this month:

Regardless, pretty amazing how the biggest, most powerful pop star in the world got fucked over like this. To not allow her to be a part of the bidding war on her own masters is some petty, spiteful BS, but I guess it doesn’t help matters when Taylor Swift has been gunning the guy and sending her army of followers after him on social media for the last few years.

Anyway, as enthralling as it is to watch two multi millionaires argue in the middle of a pandemic, let’s hope these two can be friends again one day. Scooter Braun can apologise for being a dick, and Taylor Swift can accept that she had no issue signing that contract back when she was an unknown teenage wannabe who needed a record company to put their time and money behind her and ultimately get her to where she is today. That’s capitalism, baby!

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