Taxi Driver Wants To Take MI5 To Court Because ‘They Won’t Stop Asking Him To Become A Spy’

What a problem to have.

A taxi driver says he wants to take MI5 to court because they keep harassing him about becoming a spy despite the fact he’s made it clear he doesn’t want to.

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Christopher Catney, who is related to a former IRA member, says the intelligence agency want him to work for them as an informant.

They first approached him while he was trying to have a relaxing holiday in Spain, and again when he returned home. He says they even visited his ex-girlfriend and that unmarked cars have been following his cab around town.

Once, he was in a car crash, and they even showed up then and told him they wanted to be “friends”.

Another time, he received a phone call from a man calling himself “Jim from Gran Canaria”.


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He’s now looking to secure a High Court injunction against them.

Chris, from Belfast, says:

I am afraid that people in my community will start to think I am some sort of informant because of the PSNI-MI5 contact I have been experiencing.

This could be seriously life threatening in the sort of society we live in.

Chris believes he’s been being targeted because his uncle was IRA man Tony Catney, who went to jail for murder in the 70s and then became Sinn Fein’s head of elections upon his release.

Chris’s lawyer says:

It appears that Mr Catney is being harassed by MI5. I find the repeated approaches and contact from individuals, suspected to be that of British Security Services agents, extremely concerning.


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I’m not sure how MI5 go about recruiting people, but I’d hope it didn’t involve calling up at random hours pretending to be “Jim from Gran Canaria” or begging friendship with you following a road accident. There’s a time and a place for these things surely. At the same time though, wouldn’t it be the perfect spy move to operate in ways that people wouldn’t expect you to operate? Anyone who reads Chris’s story is thinking “nah, MI5 wouldn’t do that, he’s just paranoid”. Maybe that’s exactly why MI5 is playing it so bizarrely. Or maybe Chris is just paranoid. Anything’s possible.

To find out if you’ve got what it takes to join MI5, click HERE. Then keep watch for any unmarked cars following you about.


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