Meet Tartar Control: The Most Bizarre And F*cked Up Mormon Rock Band On The Planet (NSFW)


Take two Mormons, a binary spouting robot and add blood, sodomy and speed punk and this is what you get apparently.

When it comes to weirdness in music, it’s hard to beat the likes of Slipknot or GG Allin, but California based band Tartar Control are certainly up there with the best of them.

Take two blokes from Salt Lake City who wouldn’t look out of place as cast members in The Book of Mormon, plus a walking, talking, binary code spouting robot and you have an odd ball band with a growing cult following — quite apt considering these guys actually claim to be real evangelists.

Rob and Sean, Tartar Control’s human members, are supposedly real life Mormons, who were sent from Salt Lake City to do their church mission in South Central Los Angeles; as for the robot (affectionately known as Robot), well he’s a bit of a mystery really — but he does play drums and the bass (apparently).

Anyhow, these nutters have been at it since 2012, when they released their debut album Holy Crap, with such classic hits as Drinking Gasoline, Satanists are Fucking Dicks and Chimney Sweep. Their most recent studio offering Jesus Is Love, features more mature arrangements like Brush Your Teeth and Sodomy Basket — a real testament of just how far this oddball trio have come!

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To get even greater sense of what Tartar Control is all about, here’s an excerpt from the band’s about page:

…where they performed in the Tabernacle Choir, gave hugs to sweetly handicapped cancer-children, and lip synced to Huey Lewis and the News.

And here’s an official snippet of Robot’s biography


That pretty much says it all really.

Tartar Control describe their sound as a ‘loud hug’, but the best way to make heads or tails of their diabolically gory, perverted, mile a minute speed punk, blood spitting, ear drum infesting music, it’s probably best have a browse through their back catalogue yourself.

These rather alternative Mormons are currently spreading the word with live shows in California and Nevada (mainly Sin City), but it’s only a matter of time before they start knocking on our doors.

Whatever you think of Tartar Control, one thing’s for sure — they are one of the weirdest bands around at the moment, perhaps only rivalled by what we once termed the most disturbing music video on YouTube


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