The Taliban Have Reviewed McDonald’s Latest Opening In Pakistan


Harsh critics.

McDonald’s has opened a specifically tailored restaurant in Quetta, Pakistan, but even despite several alterations to the usual menu the restaurant has already been condemned by the Taliban. Talk about a harsh critic.

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The city is the home of the Taliban’s ruling council and they have described the food as ‘expensive’ and ‘tasteless’. This is still despite the fact that all the meat served is halal and the sausage is made from chicken. Here’s what a Taliban spokesman named Ehsanullah Ehsan had to say about it:


It isn’t our food. We will never eat it.

We live in the rough, tough mountainous areas and need energy and power to fight against the enemy.

It is ‘tasteless’ and we prefer mutton and rice over McNuggets and Big Macs.

We know it’s an American food company and our religious scholars have forbidden us from consuming any Western food and beverages.

They sound pretty adamant there. It kind of makes you question why McDonald’s even opened up in the city when there’s quite clearly a shitload of opposition against them, but I suppose this probably isn’t the first time McDonald’s have turned up somewhere and faced a backlash. And we all know what happens to them every single time don’t we – they win and end up making loads of money and never closing down. For once, I might actually support their expansion in this situation if it means a contribution to screwing up the outdated values of the Taliban. We can but hope.

It kind of seems like the organisation is helping themselves with that plan though – here’s a story of one of their suicide bombers detonating too early and taking seven of their own fighters with them. Bummer.


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