Taliban Laugh In Reporter’s Face After She Asks Them If Afghans Can Vote For Female Politicians (VIDEO)

That answers that then.

A video of CNN journalist Clarissa Ward interviewing Taliban fighters is going viral after she asked whether the Taliban regime would respect women’s rights in Afghanistan.

She also asks whether the Taliban would be willing to allow people to vote for female politicians in government. They immediately break into fits of laughter and ask the cameraman to stop filming so they can compose themselves:

Welp, I guess that answers that question. Although she probably could have figured that out from the response to her previous question – that women’s rights would adhere to Islamic Sharia Law. I guess the Taliban didn’t fight a brutal war for the last 20 years to adopt more progressive standard and values, but still, they’re just so far away from joining the rest of us in the 21st century that it’s depressing to think about. What is it about women having freedom, education and power that terrifies the Taliban so much? Don’t they have mums? Sisters?

Anyway, fair play to CNN’s Clarissa Ward for being out there at this time and asking dangerous questions. Quite telling that this was her attire the day before the Taliban took over Vs the day after…

For footage of the Taliban taking over a gym and having no clue how to use any of the equipment, click HERE. I guess you don’t need muscles when you’ve got guns.


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