Taking LSD For Breakfast ‘Helps You Quit Your Facebook Addiction’


The many benefits of doing acid before work.

I’m sure most people reading this article probably came to the site via Facebook, and even if you didn’t chances are you visited Facebook in the last hour – unfortunately for most of us that’s just the level of impact that it has on us most of the time.

Many of you may have tried to go cold turkey and ditch your Facebook account, but found it too difficult and been forced to return after a couple of weeks twiddling your thumbs whenever your mates got a bit bored in the pub and pulled their smartphones out. There is something that can help though, and that something is taking a tab of LSD with your breakfast.

Scientists have already claimed that taking a micro dose of LSD will make you better at your job, but apparently it can help you curb your Facebook addiction too. Here’s what writer Baynard Woods – who worked with psychedelics researcher Dr. James Fadiman – said happened when he took a tiny dose with his breakfast:

The most remarkable effect of the microdose, which I noticed on the first day, was that it broke – or significantly disrupted – my addiction to the internet.

Like many people, I often find myself scrolling aimlessly through Facebook when I tell myself I’m too tired for anything else. But that day, I stayed away from it almost completely.

I didn’t really want to go online much the next day either. I rode the bus around town a lot.

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Instead of sinking into my own private digital mindset, I was aware that we, carless Baltimoreans, were all in the same boat as we stood around waiting for the ever-elusive next bus.

I felt we were all in this together, and often ended up in actual conversations rather than virtual ones.

I didn’t avoid the internet entirely. I could still go online and do the tweeting and email I needed to do for work, but it wasn’t compulsive. I could take it or leave it. It felt great.

When I dosed again, my addiction vanished again. For another three days I felt no desire for online stimulation.

I mean yeah, that sounds like it really worked. I can kinda get what he means as well as sometimes when you’re on acid you just kinda wanna sit there zoning out and talking to people, and it also makes you concentrate really hard on what you’re doing sometimes as well. Maybe there’s some truth behind these ideas – I mean many inhabitants of Silicon Valley already swear by the stuff and we all know how successful they are. Anyone wanna pitch in for a tab?


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