A Takeaway Customer Has Been Served A Fully Fried Battered Towel

What the heck?

Ordering takeaway food is a luxury that many of us take for granted these days, but there’s nothing worse than picking it up and realising that the place has completely fucked up your order.

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Normally they just forget a menu item or something, but over in the Philippines one customer had an absolute nightmare after ordering fried chicken from Jollibee but ending up with a fully fried battered towel instead. Here’s their story:

Yeah that is really weird isn’t it and she brings up a good question of how the hell you even deep fry and batter a towel in the first place? How do you get it in there and do that?

Jollibee themselves do seem like they’ve actually done something about the problem for once, announcing that they’ve closed that particular branch of the restaurant for three days for staff training. Think it’s probably more just a case of firing the moron that thought it would be a good idea to deep fry a towel and send it to someone instead of their chicken though.

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