Someone Has Created A Deep Fried Vegan Magnum


Sometimes when a new food amalgamation comes out you just stop right dead and think how the hell did they come up with this and this is one of those times with the introduction of the deep fried vegan magnum.

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Literally have no idea why anyone would think to deep fry a magnum and the fact that it’s made with vegan ice cream only makes its appearance ten times more baffling. But man, I want to try it because it looks damn tasty.

Unfortunately for me though, it’s probably not gonna happen any time soon because the incredible dessert (at least I think it’s a dessert) has been created down under at the Milky Lane Cafe in Sydney, Australia. In order to make it, they take a dairy-free almond Magnum  soak it in maple syrup, coat it in biscuit crumbs, lather it in coconut milk cream, cover it again with cornflakes and then fry it until it’s nice and crispy. Nom.

Jesus Christ lads that’s really something else isn’t it? Christian Avant from the Milky Lane Cafe said the following about his creation:

The idea behind this treat was to mimic our famous deep-fried magnums, but obviously making it vegan.

We swapped out the egg in the batter for coconut cream and swapped crushed Arnott’s arrowroot biscuits for Arnott’s ‘Nice’ biscuits, which make part of the crumb.

It is then deep-fried in our dessert fryer which has no dairy or animal products cooked through it.

The reason we have turned to designing more vegan food was that we always said from day one, we wanted Milky Lane to be a place that everyone can enjoy

It took us a little longer than we had first hoped because we had to create separate cooking area, source suppliers and of course, make sure that everything we created was over the top and seriously mouth-watering or indulgent, as with everything we do.

I mean it sounds like these guys have it down doesn’t it? Someone needs to copy their template and make a place like this in the UK. ASAP.

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