Take A First Look Into The Upcoming David Lynch Documentary ‘The Art Life’

David Lynch

The master of surrealism.

The David Lynch Documentary ‘The Art Life’ is an origin story and celebration of the formative years of the great surrealist movie director. This film has taken four years to make and includes more than 20 exclusive interviews with Lynch himself to give viewers an even deeper perspective of the man behind the camera.

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To celebrate its upcoming first viewing at the Venice Film Festival this weekend, the clip below has been shared to provide a snippet of what’s to come. The footage describes Lynch’s traumatic move from Boise in Idaho to Alexandria in Virginia, where he notes the unsettling mood that overtook him, which is used throughout many of his films.

The documentary has been directed by Jon Nguyen and is dedicated to Lynch’s youngest daughter. Aside from his move, the footage also describes his pursuit to a career as a painter as well as Lynch’s build up and eventual construction of the 1977 cult classic ‘Eraserhead’.

There’s no official UK release date as of yet, but as said it’s being premiered this weekend, so no doubt it will be out and about before long. Can’t wait – this is going to be one for the film geeks.

For more on the master of surrealism, did you know that David Lynch is also setting up his own music festival? That’s going to be one weird weekend.


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