Take A Look Behind The Scenes Of The UK’s Grimiest Takeaways

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These put the il in filthy.

I think we all know that when we order a dirty burger from the local PFC, DFC or FFC (fucked fried chicken), that we’re dancing with the devil. It’s obvious that these places don’t adhere to the same hygiene standards as we would hope, but during those hungover mornings we tend to turn a blind eye to this fact in place of getting that hunger sorted.

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However, imagine if you knew that behind the scenes was a far darker story than you could ever imagine. Think rat droppings in your chips, blood encrusted walls, poo particles on your pizza. Doesn’t bear thinking about right? Well, for some unlikely customers, this nightmare is an actual reality.

The “restaurants” below are some of the most prolifically dirty, grimy, disease-ridden takeaway joints in the entirety of the UK. These places put the il in filthy. Since it’s Sunday and you’re all probably going to be getting a takeaway later, we thought we’d ruin it for you by putting together a stunning photo collection of the absolute duttiest takeaways of all time:

QFC – East London

This place was shut down back in 2013 after inspectors claimed it to be the filthiest restaurant they had ever seen. The place was covered in grease, chips, and food stains, not to mention being infested with mice.

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Fortune – Northumberland 

Time for a Chinese takeaway. Fortune over in Northumberland was closed this year after council staff visited and saw rat droppings all over the floors, fixtures and even the equipment. Vomit.


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fortune 3

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Flames – Merseyside

This takeaway joint had its doors boarded up after inspectors found the floor littered with rubbish and the walls marked with heavy grease. And if that wasn’t bad enough, they even discovered congealed blood inside a pizza topping tub. Excuse me while I go and do a sick in my mouth.

flames 1

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flames 3

flames 4

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Tiger King – Portsmouth

This place got branded ‘Britain’s Filthiest Takeaway’ after its inspection and subsequent closure back in 2014. There were mouse droppings on the floor, nowhere for staff to wash their hands (wtf?) and a load of chicken had been left to defrost in a grimy bucket on the floor. Horrific.

tiger king

tiger king 1

tiger king 2

tiger king

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Agra – Leicester

Save the best until last and all that. Amazingly, it doesn’t seem to look like this place has even been shut down even though it appears to be by far the filthiest. The owner of curry house Agra over in Leicester was fined back in 2014 for breaching food hygiene regulations after inspectors found… well, I’ll let you see for yourself:

Agra 1


Agra 3

Agra 4

Agra 5

Agra 6

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Grimy. Still vibing a takeaway tonight? Maybe might be better to cook at home, yeah?

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