Taiwanese People Are Giving Their Dogs Perfect Geometric Hairstyles

What the…?

The hot new trend for dogs (or for dog owners to inflict upon their dogs more accurately) is for their hair to be cut so it’s perfectly geometric, either in the shape of a square or a circle. Well, it is in Taiwan at least.

I don’t really know why this trend has emerged but I assume that it’s because dogs with perfectly geometric hairstyles get more likes on social media pictures than regular, unkempt looking dogs. I mean that’s got to be the only reason really hasn’t it, because that’s all anyone cares about when they upload pictures of their dogs isn’t it? I’m not really sure if it’s going to take off anywhere but Taiwan, but it certainly seems to be a massive thing over there at the moment.

Not too sure how the dogs themselves actually feel about it though. It might prove the old adage that every dog looks like their owner (which is surprisingly true if you look at these snaps) wrong though.

You can browse through some of the best ones we’ve come across on the slideshow.

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