Taco Bell Is Finally Opening In London On Friday

Taco Bell

All the cheap tacos money can buy.

Taco Bell is the stuff of legend over here in the UK as for years we’ve heard about some of the cheapest and grossest Mexican food that America has to offer in pretty much every side street in the country without being able to sample it over here ourselves. And for no good reason that anyone could discern, as there’s definitely the demand for that kinda stuff over here with places like Chipotle and Chillango making an absolute killing. Sort it out Taco Bell, yeah?

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I’m aware that Taco Bell has slowly been opening up in our country over the last couple of years with outlets opening up in places as diverse as Bournemouth, Basildon and Rotherham, but Taco Bell is finally making a statement of intent by opening up in the capital this week. The first ‘restaurant’ will be opening up in Hammersmith on Friday, but there are plans for branches in Holborn, Fulham and Croydon before Christmas. Happy days.

Taco Bell

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You’ll also be pleased to hear that the cheap dollar menu from the UK will also be making an appearance over here with a special £2 offer that will get you a beer and a taco on Tuesdays. That’s a pretty sweet deal even if it’s probably going to be for the equivalent of a bottle or small can of a beer and taco made of refried mush, but beggars can’t really be choosers in London can they, we all know that. Be thankful Taco Bell Tuesday is here for you.

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