Syzmon Godziek Lands First Ever Tsunami Flip

First Ever Tsunami Flip

This is the most insane move in mountain biking history.

I don’t know too much about biking and mountain biking and all the tricks and everything that goes on with all that, but I don’t think I need to to know that this is one hell of a trick and Syzmon Godziek is insane just for trying it, let alone pulling it off like it isn’t any kind of big deal.

I’ll let you see the trick itself so you can see what you make of it, but if you want to know it went down at some Red Bull event in Nuremberg where they took over the main square in the city and built this giant dirt ramp so that Godziek would be able to get enough air to nail this trick. And boy, did he nail it yessiree, although we’re not sure if it’s quite as cool as this little kid’s Ghost Rider style bike trick.


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