Syrian Rebels, Killing, And The DIY Ethic



The nastiest weapon on a Saturday night? The bottle, often broken but not necessarily. What about the sticky bomb that the fellas make in Saving Private Ryan? Explosive in a sock, smeared in axle grease, with a fuse. Yeah that’s real, all sides used them. Boobytraps have been made since forever. The huge rolling stone ball in Raiders of the Lost Ark? What, you think that came from a factory in Taiwan? Homemade, bro. From the Viet Cong sharpening punji sticks, smearing human chog on them and lining a hidden trench, to those nasty evil IED’s that have accounted for so many in Afghanistan and Iraq, humans have shown an innate talent for killing each other without maxing out the account with one of the big arms companies.

DIY artillery

DIY rocket

grenade launcher

I love it that, even in times of bloody civil conflict, a man can sit down and look wistfully into the future. Will this piece of shit work, he seems to be thinking. Should I have gone with a side parting? And do I want to die wearing a roll-neck sweater? The things I do to keep mum sweet… Remember, kids, rebels have feelings too.

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homemade grenade

 It’s nice to see that they can take time out from killing to enjoy the smaller things in life, like Bonfire Night. And I think we can all agree that this pic proves once and for all that the hoodie is THE most ubiquitous bit of clobber EVER.

Sham 1

 This is Sham 1. Personally I’d get the rust sorted out but hey, how many civil wars have I fought in?

weapons system

Believe it or not, this is a video weapons aiming system inside Sham 2 – so much armour plating they forgot the windows.

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Sham 2

Note what looks like cameras inside protective boxes On Sham 2 (above).

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Syrian catapult

another catapult

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