Syrian Rebels Blow Themselves Up After Taking Selfie With Suicide Phone (VIDEO)


Worst selfie ever.

It’s kind of crazy how many people have died over the years from taking selfies, but it’s normally down to an accident rather than a deliberate consequence of taking a selfie.

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Not this time though, as the phone was actually rigged to blow up if someone took a selfie. Wish someone would do that to Kim Kardashian’s phone rather than these members of the Free Syria Army who looked like they were having a real good time singing karaoke until someone decided to take a selfie and ended up blowing everyone in the room up. Worst selfie ever basically:

Damn. It’s not known if anyone managed to survive the blast, or who was behind it but it doesn’t look good at the end of the video for those guys as the room fills up with smoke and flames. I’m gonna throw out an RIP for them now because they’re the good guys fighting against ISIS if you didn’t know.

For more selfie deaths, here are 7 selfies that were taken moments before death. Haunting.


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