Syrian Kids Hold Pokemon Pictures In The Hope People Will Find And Save Them

Pokemon Syrian children

The Pokemon game you haven’t seen before.

The Revolutionary Forces of Syria (RFS) Media Office is taking advantage of Pokemon Go’s popularity to spread the messages of Syrians against Bashar al-Assad’s presidential regime.

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An RFS spokesperson says:

With the media spread wide for Pokemon game we decided to publish these images to highlight the suffering of the Syrian people from the bombing of the forces of order and Air-Assad to the Syrian people and besiege them.

The children’s messages read along the lines of:

I am in Kafr Nabl on the outskirts of Idlib, come and save me.







Well that’s about the saddest thing you will ever see. Almost makes me want to grab my Pokemon gear, head over to Syria and catch all these kids myself (sounds creepy but you know what I mean). Who knows, might even find a rare Pokemon out there. Either way it’s clear the frustration people feel over the fact that something like Pokemon Go can take over the world and distract from all the serious issues out there that could do with more of our attention.

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