This Comic Will Explain The Background Of The Syrian Conflict In Five Minutes

Syria Comic Book Featured

Having trouble understanding what’s going on? Check this out.

Obviously the Syrian refugee crisis has dominated the news in the past few days, but I’m sure that there are many of you out there who don’t actually understand what has happened over there.

This comic has been produced to help people try and understand the situation over there and how it has been developing for years. Although it places the emphasis on climate change affecting the region (which probably is a bit too simplistic), all the other major information about the politics and instability of the region leading up to now seems to be included, so it’s a pretty handy summary of the situation for when you’re next discussing it with a work colleague or down the pub.

Scroll through the comic book by clicking on the left and right arrows. Let’s hope the Eygptian billionaire buys that island and helps them out too.

(Click the arrows below to navigate through the slides.)

Syria Comic 1

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