Switcheroo – Quirky Portraits Of Couples Switching Clothes

Switcheroo Featured

Canadian photographer Hana Pesut somehow manages to convince couples to swap clothes and then photographs them in the middle of the street for this hilarious and at times awkward photo collection.

Hana Pesut is a Canadian photographer who had the idea for an ongoing photography project entitled Switcheroo in which she convinces ‘fashionably dressed couples’ to switch clothes with one another for a portrait against an identical backdrop as an original photograph where they’re wearing their normal clothes.

Although the concept is fairly similar, the results are often fairly hilarious due to the fact that not only do the different clothes look really weird on the wrong people, but often they’re also too small for their new owners. There’s also the small matter of the awkwardness that some people will feel cross dressing in public that also comes out in some of the pictures.

Check out some of our favourite snaps from the collection:

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