A Swingers Convention Turned Into A Coronavirus Super Spreader Event After 41 People Test Positive

Of course they did.

I know that everyone is pissed off that they can’t really go out and do any of the activities that they enjoy doing at the moment, but I can’t be alone in thinking that a swingers convention is one of the dumbest things that people could be indulging in at the moment. The capacity for spreading the virus at such an event has to be one of the highest out there due to all the messiness and intimate contact that’s probably going to go down.

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Unsurprisingly, I’ve been proved entirely correct in my summation as 41 of the 300 people who attended the Naughty in Nawlins convention last month in New Orleans. Organiser Bob Hannaford admitted that he regretted organising the event in a blog post he stuck up on Friday:

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We had five people that tested positive on Monday. On Tuesday we got up to 14. On Wednesday we jumped up to 29 cases and by our last count, we have 41 positive tests, out of 300 people.

Most would consider that a positivity rate of 13 percent, but there’s more to a positivity rate.

You see, we have no idea how many people got tested after our event, nor if anyone tested positive and didn’t tell us.

There could also be people that are positive, but without symptoms, so they never got tested.

If I could go back in time, I would not produce this event again. Even though most of the 41 positive cases have mostly been asymptomatic or very mild cases.

The reason I wouldn’t is that I know of two people who had a tougher time and they were suffering. One of them, a good friend of mine, was hospitalized in serious condition.

If I thought for one minute that he or anyone would end up in the hospital, I would certainly not have had our event.

We went to extraordinary measures for check-in and instituted a touchless process with required temperature checks, social distancing in line, and sanitizing upon check-in.

We issued wristbands in one colour to indicate who had antibodies and therefore was not contagious.

We issued a second colour to those that showed us a very recent negative Covid-19 test. The wristbands even had each person’s date of their test circled.

Over 50 percent of our attendees had the antibodies and many of the rest got tested right before the event. We were feeling better and better about the risk potential as the event was about to kick off.

We required masks in all public places and told them they would have to wear them in elevators and even in our parties and while up on the rooftop pool.

Wow, so surprising Bob. Here’s a newsflash for you – people break rules all the time and they’re probably going to do so even more when they’re desperate to bump uglies as well. I can’t imagine the kind of people that attend a swingers convention during a pandemic are likely to be the most compliant people out there either.

Dumb move all around, but I guess at least people will probably learn from this hey? Lol who am I kidding of course they won’t.

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