Sweden Has Invented A Brand Spanking New Word For Female Masturbation

Can you think of a better one?

Sweden has created a new term for female masturbation in an effort to encourage a positive outlook on women’s sexual pleasure.

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They’ve combined the words “clitoris” (klitoris) and “glitter” (glittra) to come up with “Klittra”. Other names they considered were “pulla”, “runka” and “selfa”.

The Swedish Assosiation for Sexuality Education explained the move:

When it comes to masturbation, people mostly think about just men doing it and we don’t think of it as common for women. If we don’t have a word in the language, how can we even talk about it?


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So is “klittra” a good enough word to describe female wanking? It sounds like a cool word I guess (sounds a bit like a Mortal Kombat character or something), but I’m not sure how it’s supposed to work. I’m going to go “klittra” myself? Check out that girl Klittraing herself? Can it even be used as a verb? Not entirely sure Sweden thought this one through all the way.

What was wrong with “flicking the bean” anyway? Also… do they have a word for this? (Gulp!).


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