Master Chef Makes A Delicious Sushi Roll Out Of The McDonald’s Breakfast

McDonald's Breakfast Sushi RollMcDonald's Breakfast Sushi Roll

Pancakes, scrambled egg, sausage and hash browns. Mmmmmm.

Master Chef has made a number of delicious sushi rolls from the most bizarre ingredients – who could forget ‘the meat lover’s roll‘ for example? – and in this next video he decides to take on the McDonald’s breakfast for his next experiment.

As you’ve come to except from him, the roll turns out magnificently, with scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns and pancakes all making an appearance. The pancakes are used for the roll and the other three ingredients are stuffed inside. It pretty much looks completely delicious to be honest.

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Mmmm. If only I was as good a chef as Master Chef I would be making those every day for breakfast. Mainly because I could pretend they’re healthy because they’re in the form of sushi.

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