Shocking Pictures Show Sushi Lover’s Body Riddled With Tapeworms

Tapeworms Inside Body Featured

Think before you eat.

I’m not a big fan of sushi and I don’t think I’ll be getting into it any time soon (although these sushi cats are pretty cool) after hearing these stories and seeing these pictures.

An unnamed sushi enthusiast from the Guangdong Province in China began suffering from itchy skin and a stomach ache and went to see his doctor about it, where a scan revealed that his body had been infected with hundreds of tapeworms. If they hadn’t been caught, it’s very likely that they could have killed him as tapeworms can grow up to 15 metres long inside the intestines of humans who are infected. They then lay eggs and spread out throughout the body where they start feasting on vital organs. This is when the condition becomes life threatening.

It’s thought that this was directly related to the fact that he had been eating a shitload of sashimi –  raw slices of fish considered the finest in Japanese cuisine. Doctors believe  that the raw fish was contaminated and this caused the tapeworms to grow in the man’s body.  Fortunately the man will be able to be treated and should make a full recovery. I don’t know if he’ll ever feel the same about sushi though.

It could have been worse though – he could have had one of the five most deadly parasites growing in his body, which are way way worse.

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