More Stories Of 62-Year-Old Tim Westwood Creeping On Uni Students Are Being Shared

The stories exposing Tim Westwood keep on flooding in.

Back in May, we compiled a list of stories from uni students that exposed ‘The Big Dawg’ Tim Westwood as an old creep who preyed on 18-year-old uni students and would routinely hook up with them after performing at universities around the UK.

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Since that broke, a whole bunch of new stories have come out and resulted in #survivingtimwestwood trending on Twitter. Have a read for yourself:

There were more stories from others…

Shockingly, Capital XTRA which hosts Tim Westwood’s show has blocked the Surviving Tim Westwood account, even though she’s never tagged them or communicated with them directly:

The fact Tim Westwood likes to get young black fans drunk and sleep with them is apparently one of the worst kept secrets in the industry. It just never got taken seriously until now. There are a lot of people online justifying his behaviour and pointing out this is all happening between consenting adults (as far as what can be proven), so legally Tim Westwood may be in the clear. But just because he isn’t necessarily doing something illegal, doesn’t mean it isn’t weird and creepy. At best this is a 62-year-old man, respected and popular in his industry, using his fame and influence to sleep with 18-year-old uni students. There’s something not quite morally upright about that.

For what it’s worth, Tim Westwood has denied any allegations of relationships with girls under 18 (via MailOnline):

I can categorically say that I have never had an inappropriate relationship with anyone under the age of 18.

I am aware of attempts by anonymous sources to make fabricated allegations online. I can confirm that such allegations are false and without any foundation.

You can catch up on the rest of the Tim Westwood student sex stories HERE.


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