This Surgical Balloon Is The Weight Loss Solution Of The Future

Balloon Stomach

The lazy man’s option.

Everybody is always looking for the easiest and quickest way to lose weight and it looks like the latest method is going to be called ‘Elipse therapy’.

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This basically involves putting a balloon into your chest and blowing it up so that you always feel full up and eat less food. Whilst this is slightly gross and weird to think that you have a balloon inside your stomach for however long the therapy lasts (sounds like it could be months?) I can actually see this method working and helping a lot of people. I’m just kinda icky about the idea of having a balloon in my stomach the whole time though.

Here’s a video that explains the whole process:

Yikes. I just don’t think I could deal with that thing being stuck in my stomach, no matter how much I might need to lose weight or not. Still, it might be OK for some people and might really help them, so I’m all for that. I think you have to go and talk to your doctor about it if you fancy it, so do that if you’re interested.

For more weight loss techniques, check out this injection that allows you to pee out fat. Sounds better than a balloon in your stomach to me.


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