There’s A Supermarket That Only Sells Out Of Date Food And It’s Really Cheap

Supermarket Out Of Date Food

Great idea.

Over in Denmark, the government is trying to sort out their food wastage problem, and in order to do this they’ve opened up a supermarket that only sells out of date or damaged food.

Needless to say, WeFood is way cheaper than your average supermarket with prices coming in around 50% cheaper than the usual. As such, the supermarket is immensely popular as people don’t seem to mind if their food is slightly out of date, providing that it’s cheap. I guess that makes sense – I mean who cares if food might make you ill or whatever as long as it isn’t burning a hole in your wallet, right?

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The project was set up by a charity called Folkekirkens Nodhjaelp. They send a team of volunteers around to all the supermarkets in the area to collect unwanted food at the end of each day and then pile it onto their own shelves. Apparently since it opened last week on the 22nd February it’s already contributed to a 25% reduction in food wastage which is an absolutely phenomenal stat really. Well played.

Now we just need to get one of these in the UK ASAP. I’m sure we could all use a hand paying for our groceries and it actually helps solve a waste problem, so sort it out immediately yeah? Or just make it illegal for supermarkets to throw food away like over in France.


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