Here’s A Supercut Of The Most Stoned People To Ever Appear On Live TV

Stoned News Report


There’s nothing like seeing someone who’s completely baked off their face getting interviewed on TV because they’re like a rabbit in the headlights with some of the stuff that they’re saying. And their eyes – you just can’t beat looking at eyes like that can you? There really is nobody home.

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In order to celebrate 4/20, someone decided to make a supercut of the absolute best times that people have been stoned during news reports and to say that it’s a hoot would be an understatement. Sure, you’ve probably seen almost all of these before, but it’s great to have them all in one place, lined up one after the other:

Some of those guys. Think my favourite is still the guy who just says “what were we talking about again?” after talking for about 5 seconds. Love the guy complaining about doing brownies and thinking he’s dead and time is going “really really slow” too.

Basically too many great ones to mention, love them all. Happy (belated) 4/20.

For more of the same, check out this stoned battle rapper pulling a whitey mid battle. Embarrassing.


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