VIDEO: Supercut Of The Best Christmas Movies Of All Time

Christmas Movies Supercut

Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy all the movies you want to during the festive period, so here’s a supercut of the best bits from each one for you to peruse at your leisure.

The festive period seems to start around September these days thanks to all the advertising, but it only really seems to hit its stride when you get to the start of December and you can really start to enjoy yourself. Of course this probably means going out every night of the week for ‘Xmas drinks’ with a variety of people you haven’t seen for a while, before skulking off back to your family home to do it all again with all your hometown friends.

So it’s very rare that you actually get to sit down and watch some of those great Christmas movies and with so many great ones to pick from – even from just turning on your TV and surfing the channels – it’s hard to pick the right one as you just don’t want to miss out on any of the great moments from whatever else is on. Fortunately, Screen Junkies have aimed to solve this problem by creating a mashup of all the best Christmas movies. This way, at least you get a little bit of each one this Christmas.

It also only takes two and a half minutes to watch, so you can spend more time getting those Xmas drinks without feeling guilty.

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Here’s the list of movies they used in the supercut: A Christmas Story, A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, Bad Santa, I’ll Be Home For Christmas, Christmas with the Kranks, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Ernest Saves Christmas, Surviving Christmas, Home Alone, Love Actually, Four Christmases, All I Want for Christmas, Just Friends, Miracle on 34th Street, Elf, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Santa’s Slay, Santa with Muscles, Jingle All the Way, Unaccompanied Minors, The Santa Clause 3, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Arthur Christmas, Fred Claus, Deck the Halls, Die Hard, Reindeer Games, Friday After Next, Home Alone 2, The Santa Clause, The Santa Clause 2, Silent Night Deadly Night


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