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Superbowl Commercial

The commercials are often the best part of the SuperBowl, and that was definitely the case last night. Unless you had to watch Channel 4’s crappy coverage like the rest of the UK.

The SuperBowl is pretty much the biggest event on Earth, and if you didn’t watch it last night then you missed out. Although, that’s not technically true because the game was a complete whitewash (Seahawks beat Broncos 43-8 if you didn’t know) and Peyton Manning had an absolute mare, and as such the game was kind of boring.

Fortunately though, everyone knows that the SuperBowl isn’t really actually about the American football being played, it’s more about the spectacle and of course the commercials. Although we had to watch it on Channel 4, so instead of lots of awesome commercials you just got to see Colin Murray pretending he knows something about American football and generally being a twat.

Because the SuperBowl is the most watched event in America, it’s an amazing time for huge brands to advertise their products, especially because there’s a break almost every two minutes. So advertising companies pretty much spend their entire year coming up with the wackiest and most amazing adverts they can for the SuperBowl. And often – as was the case last night – the commercials end up stealing the show rather than the actual football on display. If only we didn’t have to deal with fucking Colin Murray that is.

Here though, for everyone else who watched the SuperBowl in the UK last night and had to deal with that guy, are all the adverts from the SuperBowl. Highlights include guest appearances from Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Beckham, The Muppets and James Franco, as well as Bob Dylan in a Chrysler advert.

People seemed unanimous in their appreciation of Axe (Lynx)’s advert (which is pretty spectacular, although it doesn’t really relate to the product – this seems to be a theme among all of these adverts though) whilst the Subway Chicken Enchilada one seems to have been universally panned. Even the Seinfeld reunion was kind of flat, but the Budweiser Up For Anything and Puppy Love ones are both really good.

You’ve got 63 to choose from here, so you might as well skin up and watch these just before you go to bed. Perfect timing. Make sure you watch them in order. Also watch out for the sneaky Scientology advert they got in there too.

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