You Can Now Buy Super-Strength Coffee That’ll Keep You Buzzing For 18 Hours


The fastest way to secure a heart attack.

If you’re one of those people who needs 100 cups of coffee in the morning before you start to feel human again, you’ll be happy to know that someone’s invented a brand of coffee that is 80 times stronger than an espresso.

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Bad news is, it’s only currently available from a café in Adelaide, Australia, although you should be able to recreate the recipe at home. The ‘Asskicker’, which will allegedly keep you buzzing for 18 hours, is a mixture of four espresso shots, two different strengths of cold drip and milk.

The drink is meant to be sipped slowly over several hours, so if you do try to make your own version, then don’t be chugging it unless you want to develop a heart problem.


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Steve Benington, who said he originally developed the drink for a local emergency room nurse who needed something to keep her going during night shifts, said:

We had to tone it down a bit because it kept her up for a total of three days.

Benington does actively discourage customers who are only interested in it for the gimmick and does not serve it to people with heart conditions.

I have a quite detailed talk with people before they actually purchase one. If I can talk someone out of it, they’re not ready for the drink.

So what do you reckon? Think you could handle the ‘Asskicker’? Personally I get the anxiety sweats after a double espresso so that would be enough to send me over the edge. Might be a good idea if you’re pulling an all-nighter for reasons other than partying though. Or if you’re suffering from alcohol liver damage.


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