Watch This Super Cocky MMA Fighter Act Tough On His Way To The Ring But Get Knocked Out In 9 Seconds

Jason Solomon

You’ve got to love it when this happens.

It’s fair to say that in any sport involving one on one competition an element of cockiness and bravado is essential, as it goes some way to intimidating your opponent and making you seem like the ultimate badass. However, it’s imperative that if you’re going to act like that then you also have the chops to back it up.

Unfortunately for this dude Jason Solomon , he 100% doesn’t have the skills to be testing his opponent Amitesh Chaubey with his brash entrance and wannabe intimidating showboating. Instead, he’s KOed after 10 seconds following some absolutely brutal punches from Chaubey. Oh dear.

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Wow, yeah. Like the video says – don’t be that guy.

I kind of feel sorry for all the people sitting at their expensive looking dinner tables (???) who only got to see about four seconds (nine technically but he’s on the floor for most of that) of the fight they were so obviously excited for. I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes though.

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