Cocky Tattooed MMA Fighter Acts Like A Dick And Gets Knocked Out In 20 Seconds

Cocky Tattooed MMA Fighter

There’s nothing like seeing someone get their just desserts.

It’s great when someone acts like they’re completely tough and it turns out that they’re actually just a little pussy and this video is perfect proof of that.

A tattooed – and when we say tattooed we really do mean tattooed – MMA fighter named Julian “The Jackal” Julz is the latest in a long line of wannabe tough guys. At the weigh in against his opponent Ben Nguyen he tries to get all up in his face and provoke him by walking towards him and butting his head and looking super scary and weird with all his tattoos.

Ben didn’t react though, and saved it for the octagon – where he cleans his clock in twenty seconds. Fair play mate.

Asked why he didn’t react to Julz’s taunts during the weigh in, Ben replied that it was because he was trying to emulate his hero Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, and keep cool in every situation. Right.

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