Here’s Why You Should ALWAYS Remember To Wear Sunscreen…

You don’t want to end up looking like this dude.

Unless you’re purposely participating in the brand new sunburn tattoo craze (in which case you deserve everything you get), you really ought to be putting on a ton of sunscreen this Summer.

Not entirely sure where this photo was taken, but it was posted to Reddit earlier alongside this note:

The brother-in-law. Wear sunscreen, kids.


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Literally roasted. But as they say when life hands you lemon, make lemonade. If this guy applies liberal amounts of moisturiser or cocoa butter to that burn every day it will transform into the sweetest tan ever. Sure he might get a skin cancer diagnosis a few years down the line but he’ll never forget the killer tan he was rocking years earlier.

Basically, just wear sunscreen. Hit it:

For the ginger dude who literally suffered third degree burns from sunbathing, click HERE.


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